Olympic Fun at Swinomish Casino and Lodge

Lisa Portis here, I’m the Training Manager at Swinomish Casino and Lodge. Are you ready to play our Swin Olympics? In February stop by the Players Club to enter our Swin Olympics. Then you can play your favorite slots and games to boost you up the leaderboard.

Participants in the same card level are going to compete with each other to win weekly prizes! Up to $1,500! So to get ready for the Olympics we hit the floor to find out which Olympic games our team members like best: Winter or Summer?

I like Winter, I’m a Figure Skating fan! It’s really the only time I can feel comfortable using words like Triple Salchow and Death Spiral. This is Brianna, she works at our Center Bar I’m gonna have you hold the torch… Answer this question for me: what is your favorite season of Olympic games, Summer or Winter? Brianna: Definitley Winter Lisa: Why is that?

Brianna: Because of the Ice Skating Speed skating, all that. I’m here with Sheila, she is our Center Bar Supervisor Sheila would you like to hold the torch? What is your favorite Olympic games, Summer or Winter? Sheila: Winter And why is that? Sheila: Because Ice Skating is in Winter.

This is Marcus, he works at our Front Desk at the Lodge And we’re asking questions today but you’ve got to hold the torch if you’re going to answer it. Hold the torch. What is your favorite Olympic games, Winter or Summer? Marcus: I do like the Jamaican Bobsled team. I saw a movie about it a couple years ago… Cool Runnings Peace be the journey.

That’s Zenka. Darius, or something like that He’s always like “Zenka ya dead man?” “Ya man” You might not want to use that but if you do it’s ok. Marcus have you ever had a hankering to try that? Marcus: Trying out for the Olympics? *Laughing* Marcus: Not really. I’m here with Cecilia and she is our Front Desk Supervisor here at the Lodge.

You’ve gotta hold the torch if you’re going to answer the question. So what is your favorite Olympic games season, would it be Summer or Winter? Cecilia: I really like the Winter because I really like the Ice Skating.

Especially the duets. And what kind of Ice Skating term can you come up with just off the top of your head? Cecilia: I think there is a triple spin? This is Amanda and she works in our Security department as a Supervisor. Gotta hold the torch.

What is your favorite season of Olympics do you like Winter or Summer? Winter, I like the Ice Skating. My Great Aunt used to be a professional skater, her name was Genie. Did she ever dabble in a Triple Salchow? Amanda: Probably.

This is Andrea, she works here at Player’s Club. You gotta hold the torch. So which Olympic games do you watch, or is your favorite Summer or Winter? Andrea: Winter, I like Ice Skating.

Lisa: Ice Skating, that’s a popular answer isn’t it? Lisa” And what about Ice Skating do you like? Andrea: I like the dancing, the singular ones. Do you know any kind of Figure Skating term you could share with me? Andrea: figure eight That’s good, we like that! For more information visit Swin Olympics on our Event Calendar online.

Next time you stop in, sign up at the Player’s Club to start competing in the Swin Olympics. Let the games be Swin! You see what I did there? It’s a little play on words.. One of our newest slots is Lightening Zap, here’s Teri to tell us all about it.

Lightning Zap, our newest game on the casino floor. It’s an innovative game with no reels and fast game play for non-stop excitement! The high-impact audio tracks in Lightning Zap will have you at the edge of your seat, offering heart-pounding excitement with each game. The Chain Zap randomly zaps 1 to 9 additional prizes from an already awarded prize.

The Super Zap randomly increases all prizes on screen by 2x to 7x, and then awards up to 10 of them. With electrifying visuals and shocking rewards, this game is sure to become an instant favorite. Make sure to play Lightning Zap the next time you stop by Swinomish Casino & Lodge. Lisa: So before we go it’s time to head to Greg for our weekly construction update.

Hey good afternoon everybody it’s Greg Douglas coming at you again from Swinomish Casino and Lodge with another weekly construction update. We’ve had a lot of things going on in here the last couple weeks. We got our final signage installed in Carver’s Cafe So if you get a chance swing in to Carver’s and check that out! Our graphics department here put a lot of work into that It’s another one of those projects where we did it all in house with our own people. Obviously we had some outside help getting the graphics, plastics, all that stuff created That came from our Senior Graphic Artist Eve It’s beautiful, she did a really nice job on that.

It’s a nice thing and we’re proud that it was done internally. Next, we’ve got a lot of the work done in the new area (the old casino floor). In addition to getting the Carver’s Cafe signage done in the last few weeks We’ve gotten our floor done in here Last time you had a chance to take a look in this area which was our old gaming floor it was cut to pieces. We’ve got all the new walker duct in place which will allow us to move slot machines around. To change the floor up and keep things nice and new and exciting for you. We’ve got the area where our new table games are going to be located at.

That’s installed and ready to go. And right now we’re looking at about 4 weeks out we’re going to get this area turned back over to us. Then we can start getting games moved back in, tables games moved back over, and get ready to go. It’s a pretty exciting piece for us. The next step for us is moving back over into the back of the building.

The area in front of where the Sports Bar is, we’ll be moving those machines around and out of that space. The contractors will be doing the fireproofing and stuff that needs to be done back there. We’ll be getting some new doors installed. We’ll be doing a face lift to the front of the Sports Bar as well. Then we’ll actually move into the Sports Bar, closing that down for about a 4 week period, and hopefully reopening that sometime in mid to late April.

And then that will be ready to again for you too. So, lots of stuff happening, be sure to come in and check it out. We look forward to seeing you.

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