How To Play Blackjack (The Complete Guide) Part 2

Then you’re gonna get dealt into three separate hands. Here you’re gonna stand on each of these. Then over here we have a pair of aces, which is always going to split.

Again, you put two fingers out to say two hands. With a pair of aces, you only get dealt one card to those. The dealer’s gonna put them sideways to signify that you can’t hit, and those hands are over. The dealer’s gonna play out their hand. Again, if you want to know how to play proper basic strategy there’s a link below in the description so you can learn the proper way to play every hand of blackjack.

– Which doesn’t guarantee you’re gonna win, it just gives you the best chance. – There’s one other option for the player when the dealer has an ace up, and that’s to buy insurance. How that works is that if you want to insure your hand against the dealer’s blackjack, they’re gonna let you, they’re gonna do this and say insurance, and let you buy insurance.

To do that, you would put half of your bet into the insurance line right here. At that point if the dealer does have a blackjack, you would lose your hand because you have a 14 and they have a blackjack but then insurance is going to pay two to one so that would mean basically you’re gonna break even. If you’re just following basic strategy, you should never buy insurance, but that’s how that playing decision works. Unless you’re a card counter don’t ever buy insurance. David, do you agree? – Well, basic strategy says, it’s not a smart play.

– When you’re at the casino there’s gonna be other players or dealers that are gonna say oh, will you shouldn’t insure if you have a good hand, or don’t insure a bad hand, that’s all just casino mumbo-jumbo. It’s not based on math or logic. Unless you’re learning how to count cards like David and I, just don’t ever buy insurance. There’s one other playing decision that we didn’t talk about yet, which is called surrendering. It’s only offered at maybe 10% of casinos, but if the casino does offer it, it actually is valuable to the player if you know how to play it properly.

If you’re at a casino that offers surrender, if it’s a hand that you want to surrender, what you’re gonna do is slide your finger across the table, make a line, and you’ll probably wanna say, surrender, just so the casino knows that that’s clearly what you want to do, and how it works is, you forfeit your hand right away and only lose half your bet. You would lose five of the 10 dollars right there, before the hand is ever played out. The hand is over. Mathematically if it’s a hand where the casino has a better than 50% advantage over you, you would just surrender half your bet and move on to the next round. At this point you might be thinking, this sounds great, all I have to do is follow basic strategy and beat the dealer. Is it that simple David?

– You do have to use your brain a little bit. – What if I just am a lucky blackjack player. – That’s great but that’s not going to guarantee profits over time.

– That’s right. Casinos are no dummies, they’ve designed the game in a way where they have the advantage over the player. There are really two reasons for that. The first reason is that very few players actually follow basic strategy.

How often do you find a perfect basic strategy player at the blackjack tables? – Less than 5% of the time. – Yeah. It’s really rare. Even though basic strategy won’t give you a winning game, it cuts the casino’s advantage to about half a percent. Whereas the average gambler at a blackjack table is probably playing with about a 2% disadvantage which is really about the same or not much better than the slot machines.

You want to just play slot machines? – [David] No. – The second reason why people don’t have the advantage is because how the game is designed. I showed you before, if both the player and the dealer bust, who loses? – If the player busts before the dealer, the player loses. – That’s right.

Since a player always goes first, even if they both bust, the player loses. Even though blackjacks help the player, double downs help the player, those aren’t enough to gain the advantage over the casino. You need something more, which is card counting. In the short run, anyone can get lucky on a given day or night.

But over time the odds are going to work out and even if you’re playing perfect basic strategy, the casino’s gonna end up with your money over the long haul. You can gain the advantage but it takes more. What’s the first step to getting the advantage over the casino? – Basic strategy, getting that perfect. – Perfect basic strategy and the second step is?

– Counting cards. – That’s right. That’s illegal, right? – No, it’s using your brain. – [Colin] I thought using your brain was illegal in casinos. – No, it’s legal to use your brain, the casinos have invited you to play a game, use your brain, beat it.

– This is what David and I have done for 15 years. We have played as professional card counters. We between the two of us have won over $1.5 million. We’ve been a part of teams. One of the more notorious ones was called the church team. Which beat casinos for $3.2 million legally through card counting.

What card counting does is tells you how to bet and when to change your playing decisions in a way that gives you the advantage over casinos. I’m going to be honest with you though, casinos don’t like people that can beat them, so they have a right to refuse service to whoever they want. If you want to learn how to beat casinos, that’s what we’re all about.

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