A look at the tower corner suite at Aria in Las Vegas

Hi there! Today I am going to walk around in a hotel room, uuuuuh! But first, the intro.

You know, I don’t usually feel the need to go all in on fancy pants hotels. All I want is a clean and quiet room, and well a decent AC if it’s hot outside. But once again I was in Las Vegas, and I checked in to the Aria hotel. I got a decent upgrade to what I believe was called a “Tower corner suite”, or something like that. I had been on an airplane for 11 hours, so soaking in a hot tub with some champagne didn’t sound like a bad idea.

I probably would have prefered just to get in the car and get the hell out of there, but also wanted the trip to be an enjoyable experience and not rushing it too much. Thanks to the champagne and the hot bath, I think, I woke up around 5:30 in the morning, left a single light on so I could locate the room, went down to take some pictures and video. I mean, what else could you be doing there but going to bed early and, Oh! Moving on lets take a tour around the room. Right, so that is the guest bathroom here. My lense is not wideangeled enough to get a good shot of it.

And the living room with a desk so I can pretend to work and look busy. Moving on to the dining area with the dual minibar and a extra refigriator where you can put your own stuff into. You can close the for if you are having guests, so they won’t see the mess you might have in the bedroom.

😀 Right so this the view from the hotel room, the bedroom, where we can look down on the other hotels. Everything worked well in the room, I only had one problem one evening, the tablet that controls the curtains, the lighting, the music and the TV became sluggish. And the next morning nothing worked so I couldn’t even turn on the lights on the wall. But I just called them up and they fixed it while I was down for breakfast, they probably just booted something.

So that is the hottub with the whirlpool feature and I don’t think the glass is truly one way you might want to be careful. The shower with the steam feature and the toilet had this japanese style toilet seat with the butt warmer and built in bidet. So that’s probably it. It’s a cool room and nothing much else to say, nice features and I liked when you get back in the evening they put everything you have on small pieces of white paper and most thing I have are black, so it was a bit easier to find it placed them like that.

It was interesting to try, but I think other people might appreciate it more. I am much happier when I get out on the road and away from the big city and too many people. So yeah, that’s it. Have fun on the interwebs.

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